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1. One (1) completed application form with a photo. (1 Extra photo required)
2. One (1) completed “Work History” form.
3. Original passport.
(Passport of at least 6 months validity with available visa pages)
4. For Crew members from air line:
-The Invitation Letter by a local air line/ recommendation for employment as current crew member.
-The Permission/ Recommendation by the Ministry concerned recognizing the airline.
For Crew on board a special flight:
-The Recommendation by the country concerned to certify that the special aircraft is used for the official by the hand of state.
-The Landing Permission by the Ministry concerned and application by sponsor company for the crew and personal undertaking in the event a special aircrafts owned by private individuals.
5. Prepaid Self-Addressed Return Envelope (You can use FedEx, UPS or USPS with Tracking Numbers)
6. Crew Visa Fee for Single : USD 50
Crew Visa Fee for Multiple (2 Year) : USD 160
Note: the above mentioned new business visa fee will affect on1st October 2018.
7. Payable to Myanmar Consulate-General in Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order only.- (Payment arranged through Credit Card/Personal Cheque is not accepted)
N.B.:- Myanmar Consulate-General assumes no responsibility for any delay of loss in the mail, or while the documents are in the custody of the courier services. The applicant shall note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and summated. Passport of at least 6 months validity with available visa pages.

* Please Call the Consulate-General for processing time information


– The stay for the Crew Visa is 90 days, which is entitled to extend as per requirement.
– The validity of the Crew Visa (Single Entry) is 3 months from the date of issue, which cannot be renewed or refunded. The Consulate will issue visa for completed application as soon as receive it.
The Consulate will not take any responsible for too early and too late applications.

Photography Guide (2 Photos)

  1. The photograph must have been taken within the last six months
  2. The photograph should be in color and must be taken against a white or off-white background.
  3. Side or angled views are Not accepted.
  4. Photo Size:  The photo for each visa applicant submitted must measure:
    35 mm x 45 mm or standard photo of 2 in x 2 in
  • Photo Appearance: The photograph must be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is facing the camera directly.
  • Digital Photos: Digitally reproduced photographs must be reproduced without discernible pixels or dot patterns.
Photocopied photographs are NOT accepted.


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